Local stores

Shops nearby except supermarkets.

The shops that I propose to you are located in maximum 7 minutes of the hiring with facilities of carpark and outside city center which avoids the congestion of the circulation and the parking in town.



In Fonneuve.


    A   Bakery (bread made on the spot) and small restaurant "Firmin" at the roundabout of the national road. I recommend it for its quality and hospitality. Open Monday to Friday from 6 am to 7.30 pm and Saturday Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm.




Restaurants and shops in Albias 5 kms


The village of Albias is 3.5 kms from the rental towards Caussade.


   The Farmhouse l'Embucaïre right on the national road towards Albias (about 250 m after the 2nd roundabout). Tel: 05 63 31 15 90. (Menu at 13,50 €) Country dishes and cassoulet, sale of foie gras, pâtés, and other preserves produced on the farm.

   A small Spar supermarket at the entrance to Albias

   A flow of tobacco-press before the entry of Albias on the left.

  A pharmacy. Medical offices and Kine ....

  A good pastry on the village square.

   The butcher-charcuterie Hervochon on the crossing of the village on the right A Chinese restaurant. A hut with pizzas ...

   Eskualduna: specialties of grilled over a wood fire and Spanish dishes.

A pizzeria and a chinese restaurant and also,a restaurant "5 sens à la toque".




 Lamothe-Capdeville Ardus 5kms


- Excellent butcher's shop- charcuterie artisanale. Mr. Genibrèdres carefully chooses the meats he offers you. The quality of its meats, canned foods, poultry, pâtés and cooked sausages, cheese cuts and wines reflects his love of the trade and I highly recommend it. Tel: 05 63 31 30 42.


- Bakery-pastry Simonet offers a wide choice of breads, pastries and seasonal desserts.



At the Matras area towards the northern area by the Vitarelle road.


Bakery and pastry shop (especially bakery).


Fish shop. "The fishery".


Ets Larroque: foie gras specialties, homemade sausages (large production of ducks ... origin?)


In the space Petit-Versailles 205 av de Nègrepelisse.


The pastry bakery with its specialties of bread and its pastry house. (Closed Monday).

The butcher shop "Camas" of correct quality and well stocked. Fruit and vegetables and a cheese stall of quality.