Discover the Tarn and Garonne

Tarn et garonne au sein de Midi-Pyrénées
Tarn et garonne au sein de Midi-Pyrénées


As can be seen on this map, the Tarn et Garonne is bordering 6 departments (out of 8) of


This situation is due to the creation of our department during the First Empire, on imperial decree of Napoleon I, November 21, 1881, with territories taken to the neighboring departments

The result is a topographic variety of landscapes and very rich reliefs.

  The plain, located between the Tarn and the Garonne, as well as in the valley of Aveyron (from its mouth to Montricoux) contrasts with the hills of Lomagne and the north of the department.

The East Tarn-et-Garonne is a limestone plateau, a causse where we practice mostly breeding.


The gorges of Aveyron in the Saint-Antonin region attract many tourists, as much for its beautiful landscapes as for the multiple activities 


The central position of Montauban and the important road and rail network offer the advantage of being able to visit many tourist sites located in neighboring departments during day trips.


While enjoying the peace and the private space the situation of our lodging allows to reach the city center in 7 minutes, the commercial zones in 4 minutes and the ring road in 3 minutes.


Our "good addresses" are also nearby.



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